why purchase your monument from New Cathedral?

Monuments are a symbol of a life lived. They are meant to stand the test of time. Because New Cathedral Cemetery has a long history of serving our community and has reliably maintained the property since 1871, you can rest assured that we will be here to stand behind your purchase for generations to come.

Other reasons to purchase your monument directly from New Cathedral Cemetery:

  • Because we work directly with granite quarries from across the country we know our product and guarantee the very best in quality and value.
  • The money you spend with New Cathedral stays with New Cathedral to support our ministry of caring for the dead and maintain your Archdiocesan cemetery.
  • We manage our own deliveries so we can often guarantee delivery faster than most would expect.
  • Every monument and memorial is installed on a secure concrete foundation.
  • Our own staff installs every monument we sell according to the highest industry standards. 

Traditional monuments

New Cathedral Cemetery offers a complete line of quality monuments and memorials in a wide variety of styles and designs. Our sales counselors keep up with industry trends and have the experience to design a personalized work of art in honor of your family.


cremation monuments

Special monuments designed to hold a number of urns can be installed in place of a traditional upright monument. In some cases these monuments can extend the use to the burial site by allowing more space for interment at the site.

These are only a small sampling of the many options offered at New Cathedral Cemetery. Call 410-566-7770 to speak to a monument design expert.