About New Cathedral Cemetery

aboutThe New Cathedral Cemetery is comprised of 125 acres of monuments spanning from the 1770’s to current times. It is looked after by a dedicated staff, some of whom have been here since the 1970’s.

The cemetery is the final resting place of more Hall of Fame baseball players than any other cemetery in the country. We have many other well-known sports figures, politicians, Civil War heroes, and famous personalities. We have some people who helped shape our nation and some who helped shape our town. And then there is Mother Mary Lange, who simply helped make the world better.


A Small Sampling of our Well-Known People

Martin Barry
Clarence (du) Burns
Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr.
Ned Hanlon
Joe Kelley
Henry & Marion Knott
Mother Mary Lange
Reginald F. Lewis
John McGraw

Harry McGuirk
Patrick Mullin
Lucius Northrup
Herbert O’Conor
Wilbert Robinson
John C. Stack
John Steadman
Surratt family